Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What was I thinking?

          After Cut                       10 months of growth
What was I thinking when I scheduled an appointment to cut off most of my natural beautiful hair? No one tried to stop me from making a nutty decision! 
I wanted a new look for summer, so I thought that cutting my hair would be an excellent idea...big mistake.  I am usually a creature of habit with my hair. At first the cut was awesome, but then I washed it. I forgot for a moment that my hair type is plagued with up to 90 percent SHRINKAGE.

My husband was not pleased with my new cut because it was too short. Say what, man? He was the one that was all for it in the beginning.  Wig, weave, or braids? What was I going to do? That was my life 10 months ago.

Now, I have ten months of new growth and I love it. I am falling in love with my hair again!


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