Friday, September 26, 2014

Building A Relationship With Your Hair

Photo Credit: Unknown
Photo Credit: Unknown

In my opinion going natural is like getting married. It requires a lot of work, such as compromise, acceptance, understanding, self-awareness, determination, encouragement, patience, prayer, courage, and consistency. When you make the decision to go natural you are saying I am committing to a formal union between my god given hair and me.  Marriage is a formal union in which you choose to give recognition to that relationship. In order for you to have a successful hair journey you have to build a relationship with your hair.

If your not married the same principles still apply. In fact, this concept applies to all relationships good or bad. Building a relationship between you and your hair will take some work, but all relationships do. Committing may be burdensome for some and others it may simply be a lack of understanding how to manage one's texture. Begin to build a relationship with your hair and body like a marriage; commit to it by learning how to love every part and take care for it.

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