Friday, September 26, 2014

Uncle Funky’s - Curly Magic

Photo Credit: Uncle Funky's Daughter

Hello Ladies,

Uncle Funky’s Curly Magic is one of my staple products. This stuff works wonders on my hair and it smells great. I use this product for wash & go’s, moisturizing, and slicking down my edges.
  • This product has multiple uses it enhances curly or coily hair, tames frizz, control edges, while adding moisture. It can also be used to 2 strand twist, comb coil, and twist out natural hair. Please proceed with caution, I have not used this product for anything other than wash and go’s, moisturizing, and taming edges.
  •  Cons - Flaking if product is over used
  • I use it on 4A hair type, porous, with  major shrinkage
  • Product Rating - 4 Stars
  • Price $24.99 for an 18 oz pump bottle. It 's so worth it!

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