Friday, September 26, 2014

Building A Relationship With Your Hair

Photo Credit: Unknown
Photo Credit: Unknown

In my opinion going natural is like getting married. It requires a lot of work, such as compromise, acceptance, understanding, self-awareness, determination, encouragement, patience, prayer, courage, and consistency. When you make the decision to go natural you are saying I am committing to a formal union between my god given hair and me.  Marriage is a formal union in which you choose to give recognition to that relationship. In order for you to have a successful hair journey you have to build a relationship with your hair.

If your not married the same principles still apply. In fact, this concept applies to all relationships good or bad. Building a relationship between you and your hair will take some work, but all relationships do. Committing may be burdensome for some and others it may simply be a lack of understanding how to manage one's texture. Begin to build a relationship with your hair and body like a marriage; commit to it by learning how to love every part and take care for it.

Uncle Funky’s - Curly Magic

Photo Credit: Uncle Funky's Daughter

Hello Ladies,

Uncle Funky’s Curly Magic is one of my staple products. This stuff works wonders on my hair and it smells great. I use this product for wash & go’s, moisturizing, and slicking down my edges.
  • This product has multiple uses it enhances curly or coily hair, tames frizz, control edges, while adding moisture. It can also be used to 2 strand twist, comb coil, and twist out natural hair. Please proceed with caution, I have not used this product for anything other than wash and go’s, moisturizing, and taming edges.
  •  Cons - Flaking if product is over used
  • I use it on 4A hair type, porous, with  major shrinkage
  • Product Rating - 4 Stars
  • Price $24.99 for an 18 oz pump bottle. It 's so worth it!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Finger Comber Wash & Go Wefted Hair Review

Let me start off my review by saying I really like the texture and the look of the wash & go weft hair from, but this hair will not be one of my faves.  When I opened my package the hair was placed beautify in a box with tissue paper. I purchased the hair in darkest espresso, but when I opened the box it was reddish brown. The color of the hair was not true to the description listed on the website. I thought that picking this color would be a no brainier since I ordered this color before in the Havana twist hair. 

I emailed the owner several times to exchange the hair per the website, but she refused to respond to my emails. To remedy my situation I ordered another bundle in chestnut black. It was not a perfect match, but it was better than the first bundle. I installed the reddish brown at the bottom and darkest espresso at the top. The wash and go weft hair is very soft and looks full after it is installed. The cons of the hair are the shedding and tangles. I am going to keep my install for 3 weeks to a month.

Stay tuned for my next install...heat free hair.

Here's the website to view the hair I purchased:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How much hair are you hiding?

Being natural means dealing with massive SHRINKAGE.  At times, dealing with shrinkage frustrates me because I like seeing my length.  I stretch my hair by flat twisting, blow drying, or banding my hair. After all these years of being natural I am still trying to embrace my shrinkage.

How do you deal with your shrinkage?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Good Stuff

I thank God for giving me the ingredients to Mi’rah Co: my home grown hair oil.  My hair is strong and very healthy looking.  Over the last 5 years, I have grown to love caring for my natural hair. I have a better relationship with my hair because I know what to use, how to use it, and when to use it. My hair loves my homemade protein treatments; Mi’rah Co; Rhassoul Clay; Henna, Brahmi; Curl Junkie – Smoothing Lotion; Curl Junkie – Daily Fix; Karen’s Body Beautiful – Butter Love; and Karen’s Body Beautiful –Hold It Hair Gel. 

When I went natural 6 years ago, I had to search high and low for the GOOD STUFF.  Now, you can find natural products everywhere you go.   I can go to Target, natural hair boutiques, Whole Foods, and online to buy product for my kinky coily hair. I thank God for the good stuff-my hair!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What was I thinking?

          After Cut                       10 months of growth
What was I thinking when I scheduled an appointment to cut off most of my natural beautiful hair? No one tried to stop me from making a nutty decision! 
I wanted a new look for summer, so I thought that cutting my hair would be an excellent idea...big mistake.  I am usually a creature of habit with my hair. At first the cut was awesome, but then I washed it. I forgot for a moment that my hair type is plagued with up to 90 percent SHRINKAGE.

My husband was not pleased with my new cut because it was too short. Say what, man? He was the one that was all for it in the beginning.  Wig, weave, or braids? What was I going to do? That was my life 10 months ago.

Now, I have ten months of new growth and I love it. I am falling in love with my hair again!